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We Integrate Process.
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We Integrate DATA.
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We design and develop application systems.
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Our highly experienced team designs and creates smart, stable and easily maintainable interfaces that connect people, processes, things and data. All throughout every part of the Intelligent Enterprise.

Our Services

We utilize our innovative perspective, technological and strategic capabilities to solve our customers’ problems and overcome business challenges. Combining all our capabilities and delivering the best solution is at the heart of our teams’ ambition.

Process Integration

  • B2G Integration, business applications to external legal or tax authority systems.
  • B2B Integration, Chaining of business process steps between business partners.
  • A2A Integration, Chaining of business process steps between business applications.
  • Master Data Integration, API-based exchange of master data across business applications.

Data Integration

Data Replication, Table-based integration of data covering data replication, migration, or analytical use cases based on ETL/ELT1.
Data Virtualization, Provisioning of a virtual data layer by federation of queries to remote data sources without physical data movement.
Data Quality Management, Integration of data from multiple sources for cleansing, matching or consolidation 
Data Orchestration, Pipeline-driven data integration for disparate kinds of data supporting also distributed processing.

Development services

Based on proven process models, we design and develop user-friendly application systems using the modelling and development tools agreed upon for the respective environment. In order to be able to perform these tasks competently and reliably, we cover a broad spectrum of the programming languages, database systems, system software, operating systems and the associated middleware products represented in the IT market.

Operations & Support

We build, test, and deploy integration solutions but we do not stop there. With our managed services we can take total ownership of your operations. We use real-time monitoring, forecasting and predictive analytics techniques with the aim to minimize issues and downtime in the processes we manage for you. In the unlikely event an incident occurs, we take ownership to solve the issue at hand, and perform a root-cause analysis to prevent the incident from happening.
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We excel in designing, integrating and migrating On-Premise, hybrid and cloud landscapes, primarily focusing on SAP, AWS, Azure and Google solution portfolios.


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